Zest For Life Recipes: Winter Veg Curry.

Credit: Diane Eliza Maccabe

Winter Veg Curry.

Serves 4

• 500g Butternut Squash
• 2 Carrots
• 1 White Onion
• 2 Red Chillies
• 2 Green Chillies
• 2tbsp Coriander
• 1x 400g Tin of Coconut Milk
• 2tbsp Tomato Puree
• 3tbsp Red Curry Paste
• 1tsp Turmeric
• 1tbsp Coconut Oil
• Pinch of Salt
• 150g Green Beans
• Large handful of Spinach leaves.

Start by peeling and chopping the butternut squash and carrots, making sure they are nice and chunky. Set aside. Chop the onion and place in a deep frying pan with the coconut oil, add a pinch of salt. While this is browning, de-seed the chillies and pop them in the pan to cook through.

After a few minutes you need to add the squash and carrots. Leave the veggies to stir-fry for a few minutes and begin to prep the sauce. In a blender, put in the coconut milk, tomato purée , red curry paste, coriander and turmeric. When blitzed together, pour the sauce in the pan and stir it in with the vegetables.

Chop the green beans in to 2 inch lengths, add these to the pan. Leave the curry to simmer for 20 minutes or until the squash and carrots are tender. When ready, stir in the spinach leaves and allow to cook through for a few minutes.

Serve with a portion of cooked brown rice or try making your own cauliflower rice, this is delicious! Enjoy.


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