5 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Credit: Victor Habchy/Flickr

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

We spend a lot of time rushing through life, buying everything we want to buy, achieving everything we want to achieve and trying so hard to be the best people we can possibly be. However, life is not as complicated as we make it. If you strip back to the bare bones of what life is really about and de-clutter your mind to focus on what really matters, you can live a simple life, here’s five ways you can do it.

1. Gratitude – Learn how to love the life you have instead of wanting more. Express your gratitude daily for the things you often take for granted, having all of your senses, the ability to breathe, the beauty of nature. We never appreciate what we have until it’s gone, always be grateful. Be aware of your surroundings and when you wake up each day, think of five things you are thankful for and do the same thing every night before you go to sleep

2. Unplug – The society that we live in relies heavily on phones and computers and sharing our lives on social media. Instead of waking up and checking your emails and scrolling through your Facebook news feed, take a moment in your day to just be, unplug and walk away from every screen. By having a digital detox, you can not only reconnect with your friends and family but yourself. Enjoy your life, don’t live it through a filter on Instagram or status update.

3. Relax – Sometimes we overextend ourselves and try to do too much, you have to learn to say no. In this fast-paced world, it is easy to get caught up in a web of endless to-do lists, constant deadlines and high expectations. Try to live one day at a time and learn to say no to people and situations that are only going to cause you unnecessary stress. Relax and enjoy some time to yourself each day, whether you love to read, write, draw or paint, find a creative outlet that you love.

4. Love People Not Possessions – Life is not a competition to see how many gadgets you can buy. It’s always nice to have nice things but the people you have in your life are more important than material possessions. Surround yourself with good people, find friends who lift you up when you feel down and remove all toxic relationships from your life.

5. Let Go – Letting go of the past and the uncertainty of the future will allow you the freedom to live in the present. Let go of what you can’t change and focus on what you can change. If you spend too much time living in the past or thinking about the future, you will never appreciate the time you have been given to achieve your dreams and live a happy life.


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