October Horoscopes 2015

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Aries, at the beginning of the month you are likely to be inclined towards matters related to home and family. Unfortunately, there are chances that the magic in your relationship with your spouse may be missing this time around. There may have been some important changes occurring in your life recently and during the month of October, expect more changes on the way. October is the month to make it happen Aries! After the 23rd of October, the sun enters Scorpio, your eighth house, so focus on money and intimacy. Your health has been delicate since the end of September and will remain so until October 23rd so take it easy, get plenty of sleep, take some time for yourself and be careful with your diet, your health and energy will improve dramatically when the sun enters Scorpio.

Credit: 123NewYear


You have been in a work-oriented mood ever since the sun entered your sixth house of health and work on September 23rd. This will continue until the 23rd of October. Job opportunities may come through family members or family connections. You are in the mood for work and you’re enjoying it, so this is the time to deal with the mundane tasks that you would usually leave for another time. When the sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, your seventh house, you will need to spend some time with your friends. For the next few weeks, strive for a balance in your relationships. The default mode of stubbornness will not work during this time, Taurus, so for the sake of getting along, stop digging your heels in.

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You’re going to enjoy October, Gemini; love is in the air! With the Libra season in full swing, the stars are highlighting your fifth house of romance, passion and self-expression. The Sun is in Libra, a compatible air sign, until October 23, so enjoy! Also, your spirit will be high and your creativity will be at a considerable peak, so take advantage of this time. Focus on career-related matters this month but don’t forget to take a break from your hectic routine to enjoy some time with your loved ones at the beginning of the month. You will certainly feel rejuvenated and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead for the rest of the month. The stars indicate a rather good time for your health. Having said that, do not neglect health troubles, if you already have any.

Credit: 123NewYear


Libra season is upon us, highlighting your fourth house of home, family and nostalgia. Cancerian’s are always absorbed by the past. You are the most nostalgic of all the signs, Cancer, and this will be especially noticeable this month; you will be feeling sentimental until October 23rd. Unfortunately, the stars this month do not spell a good time for your health. Seasonal as well as chronic ailments may crop up, giving you sleepless nights. Once the Sun enters Scorpio, your passionate fifth house on October 23rd, you will be ready to shake off the heavy, emotional vibes and have some fun! Use this energy to really enjoy yourself, spend some time with friends and lovers. It will also be a good time to focus on your own unique, creative side.

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September was a wild month filled with changes. In comparison, October is pretty calm. However, a few things might get under your skin. Thanks to the sun moving through Libra, your intellectual third house, your mind will be running a mile a minute until October 23rd. The month of October is strong for motivation, initiative and communication. Focus on building, connecting and producing. Mercury is turning directly into your communications sector on the 9th, strong energy moving project forward, gaining momentum as the month progresses. It’s a good time to get rid of some relationships and strengthen the ones that really matter.

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Your focus will be on career-related matters at the beginning of the month as Venus, Jupiter and Mars will be positioned in your sign. Now is the right time to put a plan into action. With Jupiter’s influence over Moon at the end of the month, your desire to triumph will likely become stronger. You might feel frustrated easily this month, but remember that not everything in your life is bad. Your health may need special care during the month of October, as Saturn is influencing your sixth House of Ailments. Also, your love life comes in for some special attention this month as the planets of love and sex, Venus and Mars, both move through your sign to spice up your life.

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True to the scales that represent your sign, you will experience a contrast in every aspect of your life this October, Libra. Finding harmony in your daily life will be important to you as October begins. Career will likely be the centre focus for you this month, sincerity will be your middle name and you will leave no stone unturned to make your mark. Take advantage of the opportunity presented by the generous Jupiter and showcase your skills and ability. Everything that happens this month will be the natural result of your previous actions; remember to stay relaxed and focused and be ready to rise from your bed and take action at any moment.

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You might feel low at the beginning of October, Scorpio. You will put your best efforts at work but the results may not always be up to your expectations. Don’t worry – during the last two weeks of the month, you are likely to see some positive changes. As the Sun enters your sign, it will give you the much needed confidence and determination you need. The New Moon enters Libra on October 12th and will bring about some new beginnings, it could also bring some emotional well being and wholeness back to your life after what might have been a confusing three weeks. You will get many opportunities this month; it’s time to prove your potential. Remember that after every dark night, there is a brighter day.

Credit: 123NewYear


October will be an extremely beneficial time for you. The month will be filled with positivity and many wonderful surprises.  Jupiter and Mars are positioned in your tenth house so you will be very busy, your plate will be full and you might not find any spare time to yourself but don’t worry Mars will provide it in abundance. The New Moon in Libra on October 12th will bring fresh energy to your social life. If you work in an organised manner and remain grounded, there is nothing that can stop you from climbing the ladder of success. Even if you don’t achieve success easily this month, don’t worry – sooner or later, you will achieve the desired results.

Credit: 123NewYear

You might experience a hectic and stressful start to the month, but you will soon experience some fun and relaxation.
Despite some difficult challenges, the outlook is very promising with the chance of turning your dreams into reality. October will not be easy for you, Capricorn, but at the same time, you will not encounter a problem in your path that could not be resolved. Believe in yourself. Avoid taking unnecessary risks at the beginning of the month. The sun will be in Scorpio during the last quarter of the month and this should lift your confidence levels to a great extent.

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October will bring you lots of amazing events. There will be a positive energy surrounding you this month, Aquarius. When you are riding the crest of happiness you should enjoy every moment of it. The important lesson to learn right now is to be patient for things you still want. You might choose to detach yourself from emotional issues, concentrate on the regular domestic chores like cleaning and cooking. The planetary alignment at the beginning of the month may push you to upgrade your skills, this will prepare you for all the challenges you are likely to face at the work in the future. During the last half of the month, you should focus on finances, love and friendship.

Credit: 123NewYear


You will have a positive month, so enjoy some carefree time. The position of Venus will give you the power to be strong and dynamic – you will find everything is as it should be during the month of October. The planets will provide you with the confidence to march ahead without fear holding you back. During this month, you should spend some time with close friends and family but as the month progresses be aware that some relationships may turn sour, with misunderstandings likely leading to spats. Being one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, it could leave you feeling heartbroken during this period. Thankfully, the Moon will come to your rescue and help you put all of the misconceptions to rest.


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