Meeting New People: The Click

Credit: 30DatesBlog

In the hectic daily routines of our increasingly social world, new people wander in and out of our lives more regularly than ever, and with so many new characters to meet, so many interesting opinions to hear, there comes an increased chance of meeting someone with whom you share ‘The Click.’

The Click is not an elusive, otherworldly being (although no less mysterious), it is a scientifically affirmed feeling we get when you share an instantaneous bond with another.

In Ori Brafman’s book ‘Click, The Magic of Instant Connections’, he identifies 5 factors that build rapport between us as human beings.

These are:

1. Vulnerability – sharing feelings, letting the other person in.
2. Proximity – how close you position yourselves when you talk.
3. Resonance – the feeling of being on the same level as the other person.
4. Similarity – how much you have in common.
5. Safety – how safe and at ease they make you feel.

So it’s true, there is actual science behind this inexplicable feeling … it’s almost like it’s real life chemistry.

Some may call it a spark, or a shared wavelength, but whatever your term of preference, unanimously we are here to celebrate the beautiful moment when you meet ‘One Of Your People.’

In layman’s terms, here are our ten signs to know when you have experienced the click:

1. As soon as you meet, the conversation starts flowing. And it never stops going.

2. Your sense of humour is so similar it’s like they just get you.

3. Whenever you’re together, you can be sure to spend at least 80% of your time creasing with laughter.

4. Sometimes just one look can say it all – no words necessary.

5. You have the capability to read each others minds at such an advanced level that it can only seemingly be explained as telepathy.

6. When your thoughts wander on something you don’t dare say out loud, the chances are they’re thinking exactly the same thing and you both know it.

7. They act like your personal cheerleader – always encouraging you.

8. You know that if you introduced them to your friends, they’d slot into the group effortlessly.

9. Where did the time go? You have so much fun together neither of you realised that you’ve been chatting away so long, even the sun got bored and went to sleep.

10. As soon as your meet-up ends, you’re already planning the next time you’re going to hang out.

That is when you know you’ve found them. The Joey to your Chandler, the Will to your Grace, the Patsie to your Eddie. Whichever you two are, the special moment when you find someone who understands you in this way should be celebrated! It’s a glorious moment that certainly doesn’t happen every day.

So when you experience this rare and beautiful thing, when you find ‘One of Your People’, hold on tight, because these are the connections that life is all about.

Words by Hope Lowe


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