October 2015: Editor’s Note.

Dear followers,

It’s now the middle of October. The leaves may be bright, but as the darker days creep in, it’s harder to get up in the morning with the same motivation and optimism as the earlier seasons. Believe in the beauty of a new day. Let today be the start of something new. Don’t wait for New Year to take up a new hobby or finish a project that you have started. Treat every day as a new opportunity to help you get closer to reaching your dreams.

My dream is to be the editor of my own successful feel-good lifestyle magazine, and I am one step closer to achieving this. Zest For Life started as an idea and now after a successful seven weeks, I’m starting to realise that my dream is not an impossible one. The Zest For Life blog is doing amazingly well and we now have a handful of writers that believe in our message to spread more positivity to the world.

I hope that we inspire you and that you enjoy reading the blog. The first issue is finally taking shape – we have our front cover and will be opening up submissions for content for the magazine on the 1st of November. All I have ever wanted to do with Zest For Life is make someone’s day a little brighter. I have my own struggles, but I believe in the power of being positive. I’m learning to adapt the philosophy ‘Live For Today’ and I’m driven by my passion for Zest For Life and what I want it to be.

If there is a fire burning inside of you to do something with your life, then do it. We all have a purpose. Even if you’re not sure what it is yet, spend every day doing something that makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to dream impossible dreams. Don’t let any other person stop you from reaching your true potential. Life is whatever you want it to be. We spend so much time worrying about the ‘perfect’ way to live our live, but perfection does not exist. Live life your way. Make the most of what you have but never stop wanting more. Smile even when you are close to tears. Look for the silver lining in any situation. Always be grateful. Tell people you love them. Never look back. Stay positive and enjoy every single moment of your life.

Live For Today




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