November Horoscopes 2015



The temperature might be dropping outside but your love life will be anything but frosty this month Aries. The sun is in Scorpio until the 23rd, which means you will have three weeks to focus on strengthening your relationships. You will also have a strong sense of work this November, focus on achieving everything you can in your daily routines. The first week of November is especially good for bringing creative energy to your daily life. This is not a time for colouring in the lines Aries, be on the look out for new possibilities, work towards adding more excitement in your daily life.  The Full Moon on the 25th brings your attention to errands that need immediate handling. It’s a generally busy time for you, but don’t forget to find some space for relaxation.

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November will have a few negative phases for you Taurus. There will be many problems and frustrations you will face this month. However, in spite of the prediction of the stars, remember not to give up on finding happy moments during this time. In the middle of the month you should pamper yourself, perhaps indulge yourself in some retail therapy. Mercury and Saturn are in the 8th House, which means you are more likely to take risks.  November will begin with a stellar influence on your love life, your ruler Venus continues to travel rather closely to Mars but they will align, bringing tension in some relationships to a stop. Set your intentions wisely and you might see your relationships flourish in the next six months.

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This month will be much better than last Gemini, October was a tense month for you but November will bring out your energetic and imaginative side. Health and work are the dominant themes this month Gemini but it is also the perfect time to organise a small get-together with your friends or relatives. It’s important to take time out from your hectic schedule to have some fun, this reunion with loved ones, is due to Moon posited in the 11th House in opposition to Venus and Mars posited in the 5th House. Your career is bitter sweet this month but stick with it, your career is still on the right track and all the difficulties you are experiencing are temporary. Do not rush into making vital decisions that will effect your future, move away from the negative and keep on smiling, things will get better.

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In September, the planetary power made an important shift, from liberated East to the social West. This month, as Venus and Mars move westwards, the shift will be much stronger. Make sure you focus on others more than yourself this November. The majority of the planets are situated in the Western part of your birth chart, which means your social skills will be heightened. Finances will also be strong this month. Money will make you happy Cancer, make sure you spend it on fun nights out and things that make you happy. The sky is the limit for you when it comes to achieving your goals, career related matters are likely to be in the forefront all through the month. This is a favourable phase to attempt and experiment with new things and explore new avenues.

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You will achieve your goal in November Leo, whether it be personal or professional, you will definitely get there during the month of November. Planetary movement through the signs is quite fast, hence the Lions can succeed with minimal effort, if they put their mind to it. It will be an interesting month, it could be a dynamic, memorable time for you but it may not all be positive. Everyone has their struggles and you may face some during the next few weeks, just stay strong and everything will likely resolve before December begins. During the month, you are likely to have many ideas and views, don’t worry too much if the people around you don’t take your views seriously, believe in your own voice and your own opinions.

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Virgo, you may face a situation this month, where there is no obvious reason for why everything seems to be going wrong. The burden of expectations have increased, whether it be personal, social or career related, you may be expected to give everything you have and you leave no stone unturned in doing so. Be tactful while resolving tricky issues. The positive vibes of Venus are likely to help strengthen your financial position this month. The emotional sphere of November will be much more negative for you Virgo, the reason for this is not hiding in some circumstances or external factors, the fault will be one your personal actions and words. This month you have to make quite an important choice, which, perhaps, will largely determine your future.

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The moon posited in the 10th House this month, which means you are likely to be busy with career or work related matters. All you need to do Libra is put in sincere efforts to achieve your goals. On the health front, you may be suffering from minor seasonal health problems which is due to the influence of Jupiter around this time, look after yourself and all will be well again. It’s easy to over-indulge at this time of year but do not over-spend! The majority of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your natal chart, they are moving rapidly. The growth in your life this month will be fast if you put in enough effort and determination. You have to decide your life path and take necessary action for things to change, you will achieve your goals Libra, believe in yourself!

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Despite the overall negative energy background, Scorpio, you have a real chance to achieve your most ambitious goals this November. Scorpio will be one of the few signs in respect to which the celestial bodies of the solar system will develop in a positive combination. You will also be brimming with energy, November will be the time in which you renew your zest for life. The presence of Sun and Mercury in your sign will provide you with the support you need. Be ready to take advantage, when opportunity knocks at your door but don’t forget to enjoy some time to yourself, pamper yourself, go on a shopping spree or take an afternoon off to read your favourite book, do anything that relaxes you. Also, refrain from taking major financial decisions, leave that until the new year.

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This month and next month, the short-term planets will be in their maximum Eastern position. This increases your sense of independence, courage and confidence even more than last month. Work will take up much of your time this November Sagittarius, you will get to the end of your day and find that you have very little time left to spend with your loved ones. Venus is posited in the 11th House, which means you may get distracted, mentally and physically from you goals. In the area of personal relationships, you may experience some luck in November. Despite the pressure you might feel this month, the situation may drastically change towards the dawn of the second ten-day period of the month.

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You have a beautiful chart at the moment, it shows a perfect balance between career success and time for romance and friends too, make the most of it! You will be highly focused on working towards something you have always wanted this month Capricorn. Your organisational skills will definitely be highlighted during November. Aim to complete all of your current projects, if you leave them in hope you can do it another time, you will no longer be able to return to them. Luck and planetary combinations, will favour you during the next thirty days. However, your health might require some extra attention, it’s a very important time for you, don’t neglect your health and wellbeing. There might be a surprise waiting for you during the last phase of the month, you are likely to receive a valuable gift.

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The weather might be getting darker but all things are bright and beautiful for you this month Aquarius. This month will have plenty of variety and balance, with opportunity for career progress, and time for fun with friends too. You might even feel ‘on top of the world’, your positive frame of mind will keep you motivated all month long. The influence of Mercury will also give you the confidence that you need to finish all of the latest projects in time. Home life will also be blissful, as will some relationships. Spend quality time with people you don’t usually have time for. There is something you must be aware of and this is your present financial situation, you want to buy the biggest and best presents, however, your planetary combinations may not be supportive of monetary gains.

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It won’t be easy to get there, but you will find yourself in a positive situation in November Pisces. In spite of such destructive astral background, you will find success. You have many commitments to fulfil with limited resources on both the personal and professional front, it might be a tough period but do not lose hope, make the best of this phase and give everything your all. You can afford to be a little extravagant in your gestures and gifts now. There are many ups and downs in your close relationships, this month you might let unhappiness and misunderstandings spoil your time with loved ones, the best way to sort this out is to iron out the differences between you both, indulge in recreational activity together such as eating out or watching a film.

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