Zest For Life Recipes: Leek And Potato Soup.

Credit: Diane Eliza Maccabe

Leek And Potato Soup.

With the cold weather creeping in, it is time to get all snuggled up and keep warm. Here is another one of my favourite soups, Leek and Potato, simple and delicious. 

Serves 4-5

• 3 large leeks
• 800g potatoes
• 25g butter
• 2 organic vegetable stock cubes
• 100mls oat milk/ rice milk
• Salt and pepper
• Water as needed

Slice the leeks and place in a large stock pan with the butter. On a gentle heat, allow the leeks to brown slightly and release their flavour. Peel all the potatoes and dice. Then place in the pan with the leeks. Fill the pan with water so the potatoes and leeks are just covered. Add the stock cubes, salt and pepper.

Cover the pan and leave on a moderate heat. The soup usually takes about 30-40 mins to cook through. Check that the potatoes are soft and when ready, switch off the heat. Leave it to cool slightly for 5-10 mins. Using a hand blender, blitz through the soup until it is nice and smooth.

Please be careful not to get splashed. If you would like the soup to be chunky, allow less time to blend the ingredients. At this point, add the oat milk. This gives it a lovely creamy taste. Normal milk can be used if preferred. You might like to add more salt and pepper to flavour.

Place the soup back on a low heat and gently heat through again for a few minutes. Serve with a few pieces of your favourite bread.

Tip: Soup is perfect to save in containers to serve as a hearty lunch the next day and will keep for a few days in the fridge. That is if you can resist the temptation to have second helpings!


One thought on “Zest For Life Recipes: Leek And Potato Soup.

  1. I made this last night, I haven’t got a blender so I made the chunky version! It was really tasty and wholesome and I will certainly make it again!!
    Steve Bamber.


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