Visit Stockholm This Festive Season.

Credit: Stockholm Our Way

Its the festive time, but what to do? How about a weekend getaway to boost your festive mood? There is no better city in the world to choose for a festive getaway than Stockholm in Sweden.

At this time of year its covered in a healthy blanket of white sparkling snow. The city which dates back to the 12th Century is simply beautiful. Known affectionately as the ‘Venice of the North,’ it’s the jewel in the crown of the Nordic lands.

Famous for its museums, universities and art galleries, Stockholm is the most populated city in the region attracting a whooping 11 million visitors in 2013 alone. Picture perfect, with the back drop of its imposing 12th and 13th century architecture, Stockholm is the ideal destination for romantic couples, festive shopping, cultural escapes or just fun with the family.

Stockholm at this time of the year is especially special because the snow-globe setting is sure to warm the coldest of moods. From visiting a Christmas market to enjoying some glogg and ginger bread, bathing under the glow of the beautiful festive decorations, to shopping in its narrow shopping streets, to enjoying a well deserved drink and meal at a bar or restaurant, Stockholm ticks all the boxes and will bring a smile to any face.

Stockholm is easily accessible on foot, bus, train and boat. Taking a reasonable two hours twenty minutes to get there by plane from the UK, and at the equally reasonable price of about £195 there and back, there really is no excuse not to visit Stockholm, even if you have or haven’t been already.

With over 1000 restaurants, 100 museums, a vibrant art scene and distinguished theatres, Stockholm is a truly wonderful city to visit. Spread across 14 islands, Stockholm’s most popular region, its old town is accessible by bridge, walking over the often frozen Lake Mälaren which meets the Baltic Sea in the South East region of the country.

Located just south of the 60th latitude, the number of daylight hours at this time of year is only about six hours. So expect darkness to fall about 3pm. Contrasting with its summer nights which are short, it brings an element of magic, suspense and romance unlike any other city in the world.

With temperatures at Christmas well below freezing and snowing falling on any given day, it’ll bring a smile to your face when you walk along their commercial shopping areas free from snow due to their under pavement heating, while walking further afield wading knee deep in crisp sparkling snow freshly fallen.

Night-clubs, restaurants, cinemas, cafes, casinos, you name it, you’ll find it in Stockholm. Watching men fish salmon from the river, to marvelling at the royal architecture, Christmas lights, smells and sounds; Stockholm holds a certain endearment which will surely bring you festive cheer.

Famous for hosting the Nobel Peace prize, Stockholm boasts a wealth of history going back as far as the 6th millennium. The people are warm and friendly. The streets are well kept, clean and tidy. The spirit is jovial, romantic and inviting. A beautiful city full of beautiful people living beautiful lives and having a beautiful time.

If you are feeling in the mood for something more this festive season! In need of a quick get-away to lift your spirits; Stockholm is your perfect destination.

Don’t be shy give Stockholm a try and remember to wrap up warm!

Words by Matthew Taylor


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