Positivity Playlists.

Credit: Thought Pursuits.

We all know that music can make a mood. This is why there are breakup playlists for when you need to cry and let all your emotional anguish out, by singing along to words that seem to apply perfectly to your situation and capture your utter heartbreak in a way you thought no one understood.

This is why sleep playlists are composed of peaceful melodies to calm and soothe. This is why I listen to old school R&B whilst getting ready for the club (there is no better time to feel sassy), and this is why there should be positivity playlists. In the same way that some songs remind you of sadness, there are a million more that can make you deliriously happy. Whether it is the lyrics, the beat, or just the way you can dance to it – the right song can put you in an amazing mood.

As I am walking to work at 8.30 on a Saturday morning, dreading the busy day ahead and becoming increasingly jealous of people who are nursing hangovers and watching TV in their pyjamas, the only thing that can cheer me up are the songs I listen to on the way there.

It’s only a short 15 minute walk, but that means I can plan around 3 songs to listen to that I know will start my day off just right. It is fair to say that I am the opposite of a morning person, and so a really upbeat song can provide me with energy that I didn’t have before. Then as the end of the day drags on, I can actually look forward to the walk home and celebrate with those joyous songs that I am free for Saturday night (this is usually when the R&B kicks in).

Travelling to work is just an example of when these positive songs are needed; you cannot work out to sad music in the gym, you need something that makes you feel happy and alive and energetic. Being on a road trip or a long car ride is the perfect time to liven up the trip with some of your favourite songs, and will create long-lasting memories associated with the music.

Listening to happy songs when you are with others will make everybody’s energy positive and will bring people closer together – even better when everybody knows the words and harmoniously sings along. If you need your music to take an inspirational turn, such as before an interview or a date, listening to songs about empowerment and confidence will make you feel like you can do anything, even after the last line of lyrics has finished (this is of course when I turn to Beyoncé ).

Music is an easy way to achieve daily happiness, without any effort put in you can be feeling extremely positive in just a matter of minutes. So grab your iPod, or go on your Spotify, and create a playlist of all the songs that make you feel good. So next time you’re tired and irritable, you have to hit the gym, or somebody has eaten the last of the Doritos that you were saving for yourself (how dare they), just immerse yourself in some funky positive vibes and forget about your troubles.

Words by Ally Mclaren


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