February Editor’s Note.

Dear followers,

Happy Valentine’s Day. The day that lovers celebrate their relationships by buying expensive gifts, flowers and chocolates and spend some quality time together. The original idea of Valentine’s Day is a special one but these days, it feels like an over-commercialised holiday, a money-making scheme, the chance for couples to annoy single people with their ‘lovey dovey’ selfies on social media and boast about the fancy presents they have received.

When me and my partner were younger, we did what society ‘expected’ us to do, we bought each other cards, he bought me a bunch of flowers and some chocolates and we planned something special to do together. Now I see the bigger picture. I realised that I didn’t need one day of the year to show the world how much I love my partner and I actually found it more special to receive flowers or chocolates on a day that was not assigned as a necessity by society. We celebrate our anniversary instead, which is two weeks after Valentine’s Day. It makes more sense to celebrate the day we found each other.

I encourage you to think about this day as any other. Don’t wait for February 14th to tell someone that you like them or take your partner for a romantic dinner. Don’t wait for this day to let your partner know how much you appreciate them. Break the rules! Why not spend the day with your family or friends? Meet up with a friend that you don’t see often, get your family members together and arrange a day out. Valentine’s Day is not only for couples.

There are so many ways we can love a person. Show the people you love that you don’t take them for granted. Show them that you will always be there. Be kind, be thoughtful and be loyal. Support them and listen when they need you the most. Plan a future together and enjoy every moment together. Presents shouldn’t represent how you feel about each other. Time will always be more precious than anything you can buy.

I think we can all agree that life would not be the same without love. Love brings happiness to our lives. The amazing thing about love is science cannot explain it. There is no logic explanation for the way we find another human being and love them unconditionally. Love is a mystery. Love is magic. Love is Everything. Celebrate love not only today but every single day of your life.



Live For Today




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