Irish Teen Invents Life-Saving Sleeping Bag For The Homeless.

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When we see homeless people on the streets, we think of all the possibly ways we could help them and one teenager from Ireland has done just that.

15 year-old Emily Duffy from Ireland has invented a rain and fireproof sleeping bag to the homeless, not only that, she is also hiring homeless people to manufacture them. After living rough for a day on Dublin’s streets, experiencing a homeless life to raise money for charity, Emily knew she had to do something.

Duffy’s invention, dubbed “Duffily Bags,” have a highly reflective, fire retardant and waterproof shell. Velcro straps replace the usual zippers, allowing the user to get in and out more easily. The bags are currently being produced by former homeless people now earning 10 euros an hour at the Mendicity Institution – a homeless service centre in Dublin.

I hope Emily’s invention and story serves as inspiration that we can all play our part in helping the homeless in our community. What did you think of Emily’s invention? Watch the video of how the sleeping bag works below:

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How To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Life.

Credit: Yoga Basics.

Yoga can change your life.  It has been around for thousands of years, but only now have we discovered the benefits of practising yoga on a regular basis. We often use the excuse that we are ‘too busy’ to find the time for yoga in our daily lives but yoga is so much more than just asana (practising yoga positions and postures).

One of the common misconceptions about yoga is that in order to ‘do’ yoga, you have to go to an hour and a half long class at a studio. But that’s far from the truth. There are so many ways you can incorporate yoga into your daily life, whether it be living in the moment, focusing on your breath or stretching on your lunch break at work, make time for yoga and you will soon see the amazing benefits that everyone has been talking about.

Here are a few ways you can make yoga a part of your life every day:

Practice Mindfulness

If there is one main thing yoga teaches you, it is to live in the present moment. Every moment you spend on the mat, you are learning to be more patient, compassionate, dedicated and kind. To take those lessons you learn and incorporate them into your daily life, you need to learn to be mindful. It isn’t as difficult as it sounds, honest. Learn to step back and appreciate the smallest moments of your life, become aware of how your mind works, be concious of all of your actions in different situations and work towards being the best version of yourself.


Most of us don’t pay attention to our breathing pattern. Having a shallow breath can cause anxiety and stress and trigger other physical sensations in the body and many of us are unconsciously breathing this way. Find time in the day to try a few full, deep and mindful breaths. Start by breathing in through your nose, making sure you breathe from your diaphragm, not your chest. Count to four, hold for seven and breathe out slowly for eight. Being in tune with your breath is essential for yoga practice. Pranayama is a type of yogic breath awareness and regulation exercise designed to help control one’s vital energy. Notice how calm and centred you feel after just a few mindful breaths.

Go Outside

Spending more time outside will allow you to connect with everything around you. The word ‘yoga’ means union. Nature will teach you everything you need to know about learning to let go and appreciate what is around you. In modern life, it can be difficult to disconnect and truly be. If you feel you have lost the deep connection between you and the earth, step outside, breathe and observe everything around you. You can do some yoga outside if you find the perfect spot, or you can do yoga inside and have the curtains open so the sun can shine in.

Practice Five-Minute Meditation Every Day

The word ‘meditation’ can often fill people with dread, they will say that they ‘can’t meditate.’ It’s hard to still the mind and it takes a lot of practice. Start by spending five minutes each day in silence. You don’t have sit in any unusual pose, you don’t even have to close your eyes. Just focus on your breath and try to silence your mind for five minutes each day, preferably in the morning. Once you feel comfortable doing five minutes each day, slowly increase it and let all of your troubles melt around you.

Stretch It Out

The great thing about stretching is you can do it anywhere! Don’t think that the yoga mat is the only place you can practice. Try stretching on your lunch break at work, do a few twists in your office chair. Start the morning off by doing a quick full body stretch before you get in the shower. By doing a simple back arch, you can stretch tired muscles and eliminate physical and mental fatigue.



Spring Horoscopes 2016.

Written In The Stars

What does spring have in store for you?

We all hope that we will have a better future, will our financial situation be better? Will we find our true love? Will it be the year that we get our dream job? Zest For Life has predictions for each zodiac sign for the next few months as winter ends and spring begins.


As we move from winter to spring, you will go through a variety of changes in different aspects of your life Aries. In February, everything will develop in the best possible way, especially in terms of business and career. The first twenty days of February will be a great time to experiment with something new and by the end of the month, everything will fall into place. The stars also recommend that you recall what passion is Aries. Don’t suppress your emotions, feel what you want to feel, open up your heart, if you succeed with this in February, you will find out what happiness can feel like. If you don’t, fate will give you another chance to find love later on in the year. You will definitely experience some positive vibes in March, especially with your finances. When we reach April, you will put career aspirations to one side and focus on your relationships. Show love to everyone you care about and possibly search for a new love or friendship to add to your life. Expect a lot of changes good and bad in your life over the next few months, embrace them, remember that Arians love to be first.

You will come across a number of tricky situations in February Taurus, if you deal with these problems alone, the balance in your life will eventually be restored, however, if you drag other people down with you, these situations could do more harm than good. Despite the strong negative vibes coming your way, you will experience some great memories during the month of February with those you are closest to. Whether it’s a significant other or a friend, hold them close and be thankful for them. This year will also be the perfect time to resolve underlying issues in your relationships and move forward. It’s important for you to focus on the present during February, wait until March begins to start making plans for the future. People will see you differently this year, in the first few months of 2016, you will be more confident and you will learn to be happy with yourself, flaws and all. March will be the month of money, your top priority will be to secure your finances, to prepare for the next phase of your life.

The beginning of the year might not be the most dynamic and positive time for you Gemini, but don’t lose hope! Things will get better as spring begins. In February, make sure you find some time to yourself, focus on you, your inner world and your deepest feelings. You know there are unsolved problems in your life at the moment, all you have to do is think things through for a while and you will know what to do when we reach the second week of March. You are searching for intellectual stimulation at the moment, it has been a long time, when this desire is filled you will be the happiest person on the planet. March will be the month that everything changes, career opportunities, money and love will all be positive during this time. Spring will be the season of success for you Gemini, take your time and enjoy the new direction that your life is going in. March is the time to not only stretch your mind but your social life, make plans with your close friends and family members.

The first few months of 2016 will be the perfect time to achieve all of your goals. You need to learn to harmonize your emotions and doubt, believe in your own abilities and you will succeed. February will be an especially exciting time, there will be no time to relax in front of the TV if you want to make things happen. March will be a positive month, changes might happen out of your control, don’t look to see the problem, the universe has a way of telling you what you need and when. Put away your fears and start seeing life from a whole new perspective. You no longer want to be a caterpillar in 2016 Cancer, you have an inner desire to have freedom, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly when the time is right. A career change could be on the horizon, apply for positions that have a great interest to you. As spring approaches, you will have a sudden wanderlust to go to new places and meet new people, February would be the perfect time to plan a trip.

A person from your past will make an appearance in February, possibly March. The problem is Leo, this person is afraid to tell you how he or she really feels, be patient with them. You will have the opportunity to make your decision, depending on the situation. You might choose to try again and see where this new relationship takes you, spring is a chance to try something new. If you decide to pass on the relationship, spend lots of quiet time by yourself and figure out exactly what you want. Your positive energy will increase as you become more passionate about what you are doing. February is a month that you need to focus on your health, start exercising more and choose healthier foods options, you will soon feel better. March will be the month that you need to pay close attention to your finances Leo, you often make decisions quickly with money, think twice and ask yourself if you really need it or you just want it.

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February Editor’s Note.

Dear followers,

Happy Valentine’s Day. The day that lovers celebrate their relationships by buying expensive gifts, flowers and chocolates and spend some quality time together. The original idea of Valentine’s Day is a special one but these days, it feels like an over-commercialised holiday, a money-making scheme, the chance for couples to annoy single people with their ‘lovey dovey’ selfies on social media and boast about the fancy presents they have received.

When me and my partner were younger, we did what society ‘expected’ us to do, we bought each other cards, he bought me a bunch of flowers and some chocolates and we planned something special to do together. Now I see the bigger picture. I realised that I didn’t need one day of the year to show the world how much I love my partner and I actually found it more special to receive flowers or chocolates on a day that was not assigned as a necessity by society. We celebrate our anniversary instead, which is two weeks after Valentine’s Day. It makes more sense to celebrate the day we found each other.

I encourage you to think about this day as any other. Don’t wait for February 14th to tell someone that you like them or take your partner for a romantic dinner. Don’t wait for this day to let your partner know how much you appreciate them. Break the rules! Why not spend the day with your family or friends? Meet up with a friend that you don’t see often, get your family members together and arrange a day out. Valentine’s Day is not only for couples.

There are so many ways we can love a person. Show the people you love that you don’t take them for granted. Show them that you will always be there. Be kind, be thoughtful and be loyal. Support them and listen when they need you the most. Plan a future together and enjoy every moment together. Presents shouldn’t represent how you feel about each other. Time will always be more precious than anything you can buy.

I think we can all agree that life would not be the same without love. Love brings happiness to our lives. The amazing thing about love is science cannot explain it. There is no logic explanation for the way we find another human being and love them unconditionally. Love is a mystery. Love is magic. Love is Everything. Celebrate love not only today but every single day of your life.



Live For Today



8 Reasons To Travel


Travelling is a great way to view the world and to open our eyes to new adventures. So why not plan some new adventures for 2016? Here are eight reasons why you should travel the world this year.


The small issues we have in our day-to-day lives are often forgotten about when we travel to a different location. You can visit various towns, cities and countries, depending on how far you would like to travel. A good trip will help you to gain perspective on how others live and a better understanding for different atmospheres and cultures. You may be pleasantly surprised about how different you feel.


We often feel like we are bound to everything around us, from our jobs to money and society. In reality we are tying ourselves down to things that may change tomorrow. Travelling opens our eyes to new possibilities and makes us more vulnerable to new things. Allow yourself to socialise with the locals and get to know your environment. Travelling allows us to create stories, which means you will have more to talk about when you return home.


If you’re fortunate to have another half, travelling is a great way of bonding by unravelling new destinations and committing yourselves to new adventures. If you’re travelling solo, you will learn how resourceful you are and you will discover how you can navigate around unfamiliar territory. Which can boost your mood and self-esteem.


Travelling can strengthen your brain by experiencing new things. Each place has a history and a story behind it, so make sure you try to learn something new on your travels Whether you’re staying in your own country or going abroad, there are a lot of things you may not get to experience anywhere else. Make sure you try new foods and go on new adventures.


Many of us get put off travelling by the belief that we can do it whenever we want. However, life has a habit of getting in the way and sometimes we don’t have the time to travel. So try not to leave it all until retirement – travel now. You should experience the world while you’re growing as a person, instead of leaving it until later on in your life.

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10 Steps To Daily Happiness.


Though we might often experience moments of joy or exhilaration, this does not necessarily mean we are ‘happy’. It’s the small things that constitute happiness. Benjamin Franklin once said “Happiness consists more in conveniences of pleasure that occur every day than in great pieces of good fortune that happen but seldom.” Due to the fact, many of us dedicate much time to worrying about the future, the present and the everyday is often neglected. Psychologists have recently suggested that happiness lies in a positive daily routine, and therefore we can effectively ‘choose’ to be happy by consciously adapting our everyday lives. But how do we do this?

1. Smile – The phrase ‘a smile can go a long way’ is indeed one to live by. Starting the day smiling may prove difficult especially with early rises, however it can determine your mood for the entire day. Watching a short funny video or reminiscing about a memory that made you laugh will instantly brighten your day. Laughing and smiling is also scientifically proven to release endorphins and heightens levels of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’. Smiling at others also develops a feeling of self-worth and allows them to smile back in return, which can feel rewarding.

2. Think Of A Positive Thought For Every Day – On your way to work, university or whilst getting ready, it’s beneficial to reflect on something positive about the day ahead. Even if it’s as simple admiring the beautiful morning frost, thinking about catching up with friends later that evening, or knowing you will meet a deadline at work. This will set goals for the day, which will in turn provide you with a sense of achievement once it comes to a close.

3. Give Yourself A Compliment – Whilst standing in front of the mirror think of one positive feature about your appearance, what you are wearing or something great about your personality. This might feel strange at first, but it really does work and will make you feel valuable and ready to face the world.

4. Eat Something Healthy – Healthy eating is continually encouraged – and for good reason. This simple step is guaranteed to make you to feel healthy in body and mind. Drinking a smoothie, eating fruit and conquering your five a day will indeed make you feel good about yourself. Choosing to pursue a healthy life will have positive effects on your body shape, skin and digestion.

5. Listen To Some Music – Turning on the radio or listening to music in general can set your mood for the rest of the day. Music has the power to dominate your brain and consequently set your immediate mood.

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