Symbol: The Goat.
Element: Earth.
Ruling Planet: Saturn, planet of karma.
Body Part: The legs.
Good Traits: Practical, Ambitious, Wise, Disciplined, Patient, Cautious.
Bad Traits: Pessimistic, Stubborn, Shy, Self-centred, Detached, Moody.

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac. Committed Capricorn’s represent the work side of life. Often calm, to the degree of appearing slightly cold, meticulous and dogged in their persistence for quality and productivity. Goats are hard-working, confident, sincere and soft-hearted. Most Capricorn’s are blessed with a deep wisdom, understanding and stability of thought and action from an early age. Capricorn’s like being in control of their surroundings and everyone in their life. Capricorn’s are very ambitious people and they always have something that they are pursuing, they want their lives to be fulfilled and important.