Symbol: The Water Bearer.
Element: Air.
Ruling Planet: Uranus, Planet Of Rebellion.
Body Part: Circulatory System, Calves, Shins And Ankles.
Good Traits: Independent, Friendly, Intelligent, Inventive, Loyal.
Bad Traits: Unpredictable, Detached, Stubborn, Aloof.

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. People born under the Aquarius sign are independent and lovers of freedom. Amiable and cheery by disposition, Aquarius-born have plenty of social charm but struggle to have truly profound relationships. Aquarius’ are supportive and encouraging and will always be ready to help with genuine, unbiased advice, they make good friends. Aquarius’ are visionaries, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better, they are humanitarian’s and are interested in making the world a better place.