December Horoscopes 2015



The dominating factor for Arians this month will be self-will and determination, decide what you want and put in the hard work and you will succeed. Remember that you are the master of your own destiny, it is your life. You work better alone at the moment, social interaction is not necessary right now. Your career will take centre stage and you will naturally put family and emotional matters to one side. The motion of the planets in your horoscope are moving fast. Get stuff done during the month of December, it will be a steady building block for the new year.


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Relationships will be fragile this month Taurus, handle conversations with loved ones with care. You might be going through a rough patch with your spouse, think of ways to resolve the issues for a healthy environment during the festive season. The sun moves into your solar ninth house this month and while this can stimulate a serious case of restlessness, it’s time now to start thinking more positively. Embrace your problems and entertain new ideas and plans. You will discover more about life when you get moving, rather than simply going through the motions.

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You will face many challenges this month Gemini, particularly on personal and professional fronts. If you go with your intellect and ignore your instincts, you will see positive results. At work, you may be given extra responsibility, changes are coming, but you might not be too happy about them. Don’t rush into making any decisions. December may appear negative on the surface, but by the end of the year you will be introduced to many opportunities to improve your financial position, you may even find yourself in an entirely new position.

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Career related matters will keep you on your toes this month Cancer! You will have high energy, a lot of motivation and drive to succeed, make the most of it while it lasts. Multi-tasking is essential to make sure you get everything done. In the second half of the month, you will explore new avenues and take risks in financial situations. You will also have a big decision to make, which will affect every part of your life. Fate will give you many choices, go with your heart and it will change the direction of the new year.

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December will be a positive month for you Leo. Your practical approach towards work will take you places, think with your head and you will make the right decisions. After a busy day at work, make sure you find some time to relax and put your feet up. It’s also important that you spend some quality time with your family this Christmas.  You will definitely see a more positive side of life in December, this solar positivity might well be the cause of brand new romantic encounter or a recent promotion. Do not be afraid of change, accept it readily.

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December will be a mixed bag for you Virgo. You will have good experiences and bad on personal and professional fronts. You might be frustrated during times of struggle, but patience is key. The presence of Virgo will have a beneficial influence on your love life. Unhappiness and disappointment may disrupt the peace and harmony but you have the confidence to overcome difficulties, just believe that things will get better and they will. Planets are moving forward and progress in life will be quite rapid for the Virgins this month.


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You will experience a spectacular stage of your life this December Libra. With the help of Saturn, you will have enough power and resources to deal with any situation. Mars will also be on your side to make sure you are successful. You need to pay attention to your finances this month and resist the urge to be impulsive, your financial position will strengthen towards the end of next month. December will be a month of transformation for you, don’t be afraid of change, something new and interesting will enter your life really soon.


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The month will have many challenges for you Scorpio, but you’re going through an important stage of development. You might be busy with career and family related matters, but you must make sure you find some time for yourself, have a relaxing bath or read your favourite book and you will feel much better. Your positive frame of mind will get you through the hard times you might experience in December. There might also be a romantic surprise in store for you during the next few weeks.

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Matters related to family and finance are likely to take the forefront all this month. You might also experience a lot of stress at work, but remember to give yourself a break in the run up to Christmas. Your spouse is likely to be cooperative, despite you putting work before household matters. The stars hint that a momentous event might occur during the month of December, maybe you will find what you have been looking for all year. Do not miss a unique opportunity because of your indecisiveness, do not doubt yourself or your ability to succeed.

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A hectic work schedule is likely to pull you down this month Capricorn, although this phase is a good time to strike a business deal or resolve an issue with your boss, it isn’t the best time to focus on family dramas or domestic problems. There may be various potential areas that you may not have been able to take full advantage of in the past at work, you should take them now while you have the chance. The stress you are under will fade away towards the end of the month and you will take a harmonious and positive step at the beginning of January.

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You have a confident energy about you this month Aquarius, take your ambition and do something useful with it, if you have been thinking about reaching higher goals, now would be the time. Nothing will stop you from climbing the highest mountain this December. The only thing you have to keep your eye on is your finances. Lending money from family members or friends is not a good idea right now, learning to stand on your own two feet is a big life lesson that you need to learn in order to move forward.

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You will experience a dynamic change in your life this December Pisces, however, it is not as positive as you would like it to be. You might see an opportunity to gain respect at work from your colleagues, be confident in yourself and this will definitely show on the outside. On the domestic front, you may encounter an argument with someone close to you, but don’t worry, all will be resolved before the month ends. Due to the changing season, you might want to be wary of your health, wrap up warm and stock up on your vitamins to stay healthy throughout December.


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