10 Ways To Power Up Your Positivity.

Credit: Attitudes4Innovation

The journey of life has many twists and turns, in a negative world it is hard to stay upbeat and positive but remember this – every day you have a choice. You choose whether you want to be optimistic or pessimistic, see the best in everything or complain about how bad your day is. Positivity is a state of mind and you are in control of how you think. You choose your own reality, if you want to transform your life and power up your positivity, follow these simple steps.

1. Live In The Present –  Don’t drift between the past and the future. You can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future, live for each day and you will appreciate every moment and experience gratitude for the little things in your life that make you happy.

2. Be More Aware – The difference between those who see the positive over the negative lies in their observations. Be aware of the messages you tell yourself and the natural direction of your thoughts. We’re not always concious of our negative thoughts, paying close attention to how you instantly react to certain situations will help to change the way you think.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive People – Toxic situations are the biggest influence on a negative mind. The more negativity you surround yourself with, the more likely it is to effect you. Studies have shown that being around positive person can influence you in the same way, maintain your sunny disposition by only having positive thinkers in your life.

4. Get Up Early, Be Ready For The Day – The early bird catches the worm! Make the most of every minute of your day. Start your day with optimism and give yourself plenty of time to relax before you start your long to-do list for the day. Enjoy the little things, whether it’s your first cup of tea, watching your favourite TV show or taking your dog for a walk, look forward to something every day, it’s the perfect way to power up your positivity!

5. Dream Big, Think Big, Act Big – Find something you are passionate about, choose something you really love doing and stick with it until you achieve your goals. Do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality, believe that you can do anything and never ever give up!

6. Say Yes – Great things happen when you begin to say “yes” to life. You enjoy life more. You take more risks, which means you grow faster. Saying “yes” to life allows you to live up to your potential and enjoy the journey at the same time.

7. Talk To Yourself – Engage in uplifting conversations with yourself. Don’t tell yourself what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. Don’t drown yourself with unnecessary self-criticism, if you give yourself a pep talk in the mirror every morning, you will feel happier in your own skin.

8. Be Kind To Others – Doing something positive for another person can make you feel good. Studies have shown that being kind is the key to a happier wellbeing, seek opportunities in your daily life to be kind to those around you.

9. Find Peace In The Chaos – It’s a face-paced world that we live in, it’s sometimes hard to find peace in the chaos. Find something that you enjoy doing that relaxes you and spend half an hour a day to yourself. Learn to meditate, practice yoga, colour or even have a bubble bath and light some candles. Don’t forget to breathe!

10. Stop Comparing – Comparing yourself to others will only allow you to focus on what you aren’t, rather than enjoying who you are or thinking about who you can be. Your journey is different to everyone else’s, focus on your path and go through life at your own pace.



4 Simple Steps To Cleaning Your House In A Hurry.

Credit: VulcanPost

We have all experienced the moment when a friend or family member calls the house phone, asking if they can pop in for a quick visit. This is usually at a time when the house is a mess and you haven’t had chance to tidy up. In order to quickly clean up, you have to know where everything is and where everything goes.

Here are a few tips to help you clean up quick before your guests arrive:

Step One: Basket Of Cleaning Supplies

The most important thing to have in your cupboard is a basket of cleaning supplies, this helps save time from going backwards and forwards to the cleaning cupboards and keeps all your products in one place.

Step Two: Clean The Bathroom

This is the one room your guests will be using, so it’s important for this room to be the cleanest of them all and this job should be done quickly. First, you will need to use your basket of cleaning supplies so you can scrub the toilet, clean the sink and use a spray so the room smells nice. Lay out a fresh clean hand towel as it’s important for your guests to not use yesterday’s hand towel to dry their hands. Make sure you have nice smelling hand soap as this will make your guests hands and your bathroom smell nice. You may even receive some compliments on it.

Step Three: Tidy The Kitchen

This will be the place where you will be preparing the drinks or food for your guests, so it’s important for it to look spotless. First, you will need to empty the sink of dishes, either wash them or load them into the dishwasher. It helps make your house look clean and gets rid of any unwanted food smells. Give everything a good wipe from your sink to your work-tops, use a gentle sponge, then load the soap into the dishwasher or quickly clean the suds out in the sink to kill any bacteria. Make sure your work-tops look tidy by gathering the fruit from the fridge into a bowl. It’s also nice to have plants or flowers in the kitchen to make the room smell nice and look presentable.

Step Four: Focus On The Other Rooms

Your guests may not see all the rooms in the house, especially when your guest is just popping in for a drink and a chat and not a house tour. Start cleaning from the front door towards the living room or kitchen depending on where your guests will be. Clean all surfaces and any clutter lying around. Brush and hoover the floors in the path your guests will take while visiting. Stack things such as your remote controls, books and any other items in size order to make it look clean and presentable. Invest in some baskets, as they are great for hiding any extra clutter. Try buying more than one so you can assign them to each room which makes it easier to sort through once your guests leave. Last, but most importantly, close all doors on the rooms you do not want your guests entering, especially if it’s untidy, as this is usually a sign for please do not enter without the need of door signs.

This quick clean up should take no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the size of your house.

 Words by Savannah Lloyd-Smith